Uniquely Mikola

This is a small selection of some of the unique pieces that we have created over the years. Often inspired by a form, concept or technical experimentation, these pieces reflect the passion we have for Jewellery and serve as a creative outlet, challenging our design skills and resulting in stunning wearable art.


Celebration is designed to envelope both wearer and viewer in a celebratory air. Gleaming and moving with the beholder, like bubbles in a glass of champagne. The design is intended to inspire celebration in a time of global instability.

Jewellery Illusions

Three brooches confronting the concept of illusions in jewellery as a means of artistic expression rather than deception; made from sterling silver and cubic zirconia with a stainless steel double pin.

Entertain Me

A pendant that is actually a game, which can be played independently or with a partner; made from sterling silver, sublimation and worn on a length of neoprene.


Tetra, meaning four in Greek, has been used as inspiration both as a noun and a number in this necklace which is constructed from 4-sided star shapes which have been saw-pierced from sheet metal and hand-formed into links representing small freshwater fish known as Tetra. The contrast between the sand-blasted and polished metal on the edge of the links embodies the 'neon' line which often runs the length of these beautiful creatures.


Sakura-Neckpiece. Part of a series inspired by the Japanese flowering cherry tree. Their soft flowers with their gentle movement juxtapose beautifully with the jagged branches. A necklace design which incorporated a detachable central element which could be worn as a pendant or brooch.